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    Growing miyawaki forest makes soil nutritious, supports wildlife and reduces pollution.

    miyawaki forest

    Three dimensional designs, with life extending in all directions – up, down, and out.

    permaculture food forest

    No pesticides, no harmful chemicals. Just the caring and healing power of mother nature.

    organic farming


  • own your farm

    Own your own organic farm

  • tax free income

    A tax free income

  • become self sufficient

    Become self sufficient

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About Koino Farms

Koino Farms

Keeping Our Impact Natural & Organic

Welcome to Koino Farms, your trusted destination for organically managed farmland. We are dedicated to providing a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to land ownership and management. With our expertise and commitment to organic practices, we offer a unique opportunity for individuals to embrace the beauty of nature while contributing to a greener future.

Harmonious Relationship

At Koino Farms, we go beyond simply selling farmland. We believe in creating a harmonious relationship between landowners and the land itself. Our mission is to establish and maintain thriving organic food forests that not only yield abundant crops but also support local ecosystems. By carefully selecting and planting native trees, we create a biodiverse environment that enhances the natural balance of the land.

Yes to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our values. We employ organic farming methods, abstaining from the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Our commitment to organic practices ensures that the land remains free from harmful chemicals, safeguarding the health of both the environment and the individuals who cultivate it.

Clear Legal Documents

When you choose Koino Farms, you can rest assured that all legal aspects of the farmland are transparently handled. We provide our customers with clear and comprehensive legal documents, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free land ownership process. Your investment is protected, and you can confidently enjoy the benefits of your farmland for generations to come.

About Koino Farm's Founder

Awanish Rajan, an IIT alumnus, founded Koino Farms with the goal of living close to nature and with the belief that farmlands are the gold of future. His goal is to bring environmental enthusiasts like himself closer to nature and to live a self-sustainable life by reducing carbon footprint. For growing food forest and vegetables in our farms, we follow  permaculture  and  miyawaki  principles. Our farms are nestled within lush green miyawaki forests, far from the city's noise and pollution and these farms are managed by knowledgeable farm managers and skilled farmers.

Why Should You Buy A Farmland?

Farmland is the ideal safe haven asset in the current environment of high inflation and growing food crises around the world. Farmland produced a tremendous volatility adjusted return last decade, and it will produce a fantastic return this decade as well.

Financial Security

Farmland represents a tangible and secure asset with the potential for long-term value appreciation. Unlike volatile financial markets, farmland provides stability and a tangible connection to the earth. It offers a unique opportunity to diversify one's investment portfolio, serving as a reliable hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties.

Potential Income Diversification

Farmland offers the potential for additional income streams through various agricultural activities such as selling crops, leasing the land to farmers, or exploring alternative uses like agro-tourism. This income diversification can provide financial stability and open doors to entrepreneurial opportunities.

A Lasting Legacy

Farmland offers a legacy that can be passed down through generations. It represents an enduring asset that can create a lasting impact on the land, the environment, and future generations. It is an investment not only in the present but also in the future, fostering a sustainable and resilient legacy for years to come.

Positive Environmental Impact

Owning farmland grants individuals the chance to actively participate in sustainable agriculture and promote environmental conservation. With increasing concerns about food security and the impact of conventional farming practices, owning farmland allows individuals to embrace organic and sustainable farming methods, contributing to healthier ecosystems and supporting local communities.

A Fulfilling Lifestyle

Farmland offers a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency. It provides the space and opportunity to reconnect with nature, enjoy a more balanced lifestyle, and pursue agricultural endeavors that align with personal values and passions. Whether it's cultivating crops, raising livestock, or simply enjoying the serenity of rural living, owning farmland provides a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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“You can solve all the world's problems in a farm.”


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    Reduced carbon

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    organic farmland

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